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Yo. Remember when mi roll inna di court 6: 15 fi my case
Stil versace from di suit, versace boot, versace lace
It's like a presidential race, di mount ah pipo inna di place, mi see di whole ah wartford and southside an spanish town crazy face.,
Mi nuh come a court to jurk like di chevy chase
(Wats di charge) dem say mi arms up lke a military base
Every missle an ah liar from di united states
Dem know di good, dem know di bad is like a two side it face
Court in session, pluck ah court seh him di second judge appearing, judge appear an start di hearing
Bible rise people swearing, "mr parlmer, " said di judge, "entertainer come to court, " who seh, "wat u here today fah?" Mi seh, " daat. Mi wan fi know too!"
She seh "listen, di officer dem a charge yuh fi possesion of a weapon, plus di ammunition, dats another felon, plus yuh wanted in a connection with a murder, yuh have anyting to seh before di court goes any further?" mi jus seh
Mi never bring nuh gun dat day, well I know
Mi never bring nuh gun dat day, jury
Mi never bring nuh gun dat day, God know
Mi never bring nuh gun dat day
Every police man cah testify
So Bring di police man mek him testify
Cause hysterical kinda lie
Mi lawyer say di case haffi sign nuh life
Ehh time fi trial, first witness to di stands
Steven magregor top producer of di reggae songs
Raise your hands, do u swear to tell di rights an not di wrongs, "yeah, an mi deh ofcourse mi tell u every single plans!
You run up when mi did di drive to go check somebody
When mi reach yuh body, mi get pull over by a squaddy.
As him see di entertainer, him seh, "who dat, ah addi?, long time mi wan fi back u up an be with yuh shawty" him seh
"If mi neva there mi make martin pick up your body"
An ah tell him bout it man go make mi carry it on him shouldy
Objection (overruled) affah dat him rise di shoty
Put it inna di back of di car, go pon di leer like a caddy
Back up back up, suspect is armed with a shoty
When mi look mi see di whole barbicon an copperati
To di station dem escort me, me reach mk see dem ah charge me, mi seh, " who fi murda dat?" him seh, "shut up, addi who ask u?"
Dem seh dem ah go charge mi fi di shoty an di catridge
Plus a couple nine rounds, specially some fatty
Sitting in di court thinking bout raheim, jaheim an shorty
Mi strap up an ball out seh
Yo, next witness, arrest him officer, mr mackgee ah nuh police addi see
Wan fi sink addi di teacha from di faster g6
Him wan mi enterprise fi shutdown like a pc
Testimony start, him ah tell di runner filled court, say him
"Approach di suspect, right away him start run,
Right away him get bike an some curse up bare clat
When mi see di riffle mout it skin di beat inna mi heart!" (bladclat)
Di judge guh gimmie a look fi mekk mi head weak
Diarhea like mi wan fi mekk a toilet with mi seat
Mi seh, "lawyer how we do"
Him shake him head and kiss him tit,
An whisper, "if yuh get nuh bail, leave town before dis week"
Di wall a crumble, really it start soaking
Same time ah run ah seh, " court is adjourned until di 14th"
Mi fled di scene, pack up mi bags an go ah hustle, cause mi know seh mi nuh guilty,
Mi nuh come back here, sah